Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sister Clark

Mother and Father
Yes, I am safe and doing good! I didn't feel the earthquake but I wish
I did. Our phone did the crazy earthquake alarm in the middle of the
night letting us know one was about to happen, but I didn't feel it.
But oh did it rain here. We got some of the effects from the typhoon.
It poured for several days. Like the trains were crazy everything was
late or not even working. But good thing I got my rain coat from 7/11
so I was able to stay dry! I didn't know there was a tsunami, where
did that take place.
Sister Clark! She is amazing! I am so happy to be companions with her.
We have so many things in common. And she is like a beast missionary so
I am learning so much from her and I hope one day I will be able to be
as good of a missionary as she is. It's cool that she already served her
because she knows the area and the people and what not so that helps
out so much!
So being a sister training leader I am still not really sure what I
do.. But I think it's for the sisters. Like in helping and training
the sister missionaries in my zone. Like we will do exchanges with the
sister and such. I am so excited because it's such an opportunity for
me to learn and grow and to be able to help out other sister
That's cool that you were able to speak to brother smart. He is a
great guy! I am glad he came and that I was able to meet him. He was
the first that came back and visited. But yesterday at church this
family came the mother grew up in our ward but then she got married
well I don't really know the story. All I know is that she is married
to an American and they have he cutest daughter and they live in
draper. They came here to visit because it's summer vacation. So that
was cool.
Sounds like the ward and everything is doing great!
Have fun a FG!! Who is all going and who will all be up there! When
are you going to California? I want to go.. Haha
Poor Millie! Jeeez that looks terrible and painful! I am so sorry that
that happened to her! Millie is strong she will be great! But yeah
that looks like it kills. I feel so bad for her. Such a terrible
place for that to happen.
This week we saw a ton of miracles! We saw so many miracles.
3 people came to church. We have investigators that are progressing
and it's amazing. Missionary work is so fun. We are so busy everyday,
we get home and just are exhausted. 
We even have a baptismal date! July 27th I am so excited! Please
please please pray for her that she will get baptized. She needs this
so much! And Satan is truly trying his hardest on her right now. It's
not fair at all. Satan....
I am so excited to go out and work hard this week. I am so glad that
sister Clark has so much desire because it really helps when your
companion likes to do missionary work! Please pray for nagaoka because
the elders also have a baptismal date with a guy the same day as our
and trust me, Nagaoka truly needs this so please keep them in your
Thank you so much for all of your love and support! It means the world
to me!! Be safe and have fun!!
Sister Brown

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