Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Can you believe it that christmas is next week?!‏

Can you believe it that christmas is next week?!
I can't believe it at all. I am excited. Well actually I don't know.
All I know is that there is going to be so much more going on here. I
am a little nervous haha
So sister combs and I will both be staying here in Urawa for the
Christmas season!! Yes. I am way excited. But here is the catch. We
are now both sister training leaders. So that will be fun. But one
more thing. There is now only two sisters here in Urawa. Me and Sister
Combs. So we are going to be taking over all the sisters
investigators. Kind of scary. So many people now. We are going to be
so busy all the time. It should be lots of fun. But way nervous. I
think I am most nervous about my lack of Japanese. Like we are really
going to have to step it up with the Japanese now which is way
stressful. I hope we don't ruin any of their prep greasing
investigators. So scarrryyy!!!
This week was such a busy week for us. We were able to find three new
investigators so that is awesome!! This coming week and the weeks to
come should be really exciting.
I am glad to hear things at home are doing well and everyone is
staying busy! Gotta love the holidays! I am a little sad to be missing
all those things but let's be honest I rather be here in Japan so no
complaint from me!
I am happy to hear that murray basketball is doing good. As well as
the utes. It's about time they start killing it. Number 13th in the
USA  we haven't had that for a long time. Hopefully march madness will
be good :) haha I hope they utes will always be able to win football.
What are your plans for Christmas? Are you going to do things with J
and B? What about Brandon and Haley? Are you excited to skype with me
and Liz?! Ha speaking of liz, she needed a full time car... Haha to
classic. She doesn't even know. Haha just joking, she is one of the
lucky few. She has an iPad and a car. Living the missionary dream
My investigators rock right now. Sonpon is killing it. Like I know her
and her husband are going to get baptized this trasnfer. Please pray
for the Matsuhashi family. I am going to start saving as soon as I get
home from my mission so I can go to their temple sealing in a year. So
if you want to come, you better start saving as well. Haha
This week we went a visited this lady. She took us back into her back
room and said one second. So we just sat down and were just talking
and then all of a sudden we heard this door like slum shut. Haha then
like 5 or so minutes the lady still wasn't back. We were way confused.
Haha then we heard the door slam again and then we hear someone like
running down the hallway. This darling lady had ran all the way to the
store just to hurry and buy us some ice cream and some milk she could
warm up for us to drink. It was soooo kind!! Like I can't even
explain. Melted  my heart that's for sure!!
Anyways I am so grateful for the people here in Japan they are so kind
and hey mean the world to me.
Thanks mom and dad for everything you do for me. I love ya!!
Sister Brown 

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