Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Mom and Dad
Sounds like thanksgiving was great for all of you!
I am also glad that you all went and did the 5k. It was good for
you. I am a little surprised that you two were the only ones that
walked it... Like does Brandon even know how to Run!? Haha
Boooom Roasted. Just joking brandon, love YA!
Anyways thanksgiving here was great. We went to this place called
yakiniku. It's was so good. It's basically all you can eat meat. Haha
you like just get plates of raw meat and you just grill it on the
little grill at the table haha. It's a blast, but you could never have
a place like this in America. So lunch was amazing. For dinner we went
to Sonpon's house. We cooked for her. She wanted american
food and the most easiest, cheapest american food we could think of
was breakfast for dinner. We made some way good scrambled eggs and
potatoes and French Toast. She was kind of nervous about eating our
food so she made a big pot of curry just in case... I think she was
mostly worried that her husband wouldn't like it and he would get home
from work and have nothing to eat. Haha but the good news is, she
loved it!
This week was full of great things, except for one thing.. I was
robbed haha. All my money got stolen out of my bag. Talk about a let
down. We went to get on the train Wednesday morning to go to zone
conference and I needed to put money on my train card so I open my
wallet and nothing was there. All it was gone. Sad news. I have
narrowed it down and I think it happened while we were at the church
because my bag was in another room behind closed doors so I figured it
was fine, it has always been that way in the past, but not this time.
But it's all good. This week was full of miracles so I can't complain.
On Sunday it was the Primary Program. Sonpon and her family came to
church. It was so great. Hinako participated in the primary program.
Sonpon loves coming to church because she says that everyone is just
full of so much love. Her husband even had such an amazing time at
church. After church Sonpon invited us over to lunch at her house. And
that is where seriously all the magic took place. We were able to hear
lots from her husband and what not. And he seems way into this stuff.
Like super interested in the gospel. Sonpon told me that having
eternal families is すてき and that she wants that too. I am so proud of
how diligent she is in her studying and her praying right now. She was
telling us all of the things she has been studying and it's truly
amazing. Her husband was also very surprised as well. His face and his
reaction to all this was like, "hey you have been doing all this with
out me." I think he actually felt a little left out. The best is when
she asked her husband, "what do you think the meaning of Christmas
is?" Then she told him all the things that we had taught her and
testified about it. It was amazing. Leaving their house today I knew
that this is gods plan. I know that I am meant to be here in Urawa
with Sister Combs teaching and helping Sonpon and her family. I love
them more than anything, and I can't wait for the day that they get
I can't describe my feelings of gratitude as a missionary. I never
have been so grateful in my life. My life is truly so blessed and I
feel terrible that it took so long for me to realize the amazing
blessings that I have in my life. I am so humbled and so grateful for
coming on a mission. I am so grateful for every single person I have
met, every single person I have helped come closer to Christ through
this gospel. I am so grateful for this gospel and for a loving savior.
Thank you mom and dad and everyone of you for everything thing you do
for me!
Sister Brown

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