Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 7, 2014

Mom and Dad
This past week was such a good week! I had so much fun and saw so many
miracles and yeah, it was just perfect.
Next week is transfer calls and I am getting a little stressed. I
literally can't leave Urawa. I can't leave Sonpon and her husband. I
love the Matsuhashi family so much! They mean the world to me. I am
going to be so sad when I have to leave them. I want to see their
baptism. Ha I just want to spend the rest of my mission teaching them
the gospel and learning the gospel together. But next week we will
find out. I also hope I don't transfer due to the fact that like its
Christmas. Talk about sad.. Transferring to a new area right at
Sounds like you have been busy lately. How was the progressive
dinner?! What did you eat? Is there going to be the Santa Clause Party
this year? What about Christmas Eve and grandmas? Ha it's so weird
being a missionary in Japan at Christmas time. Even though everyday I
am trying to talk with people about Christmas, I still forget that it
is Christmas time. I can't believe it has been so warm for you! Brrrr
it is getting cold here! It's way sunny so when you look out the
window you think oh it's going to be such a nice day, but as soon as
your step outside that cold wind starts blowing in you wow. Haha
riding in a car will be a treat when I get home, or I will just hate it
and ride a bike everywhere. I haven't decided yet.
This week we had lots of fun lesson and went and did lots of fun things.
We had a lesson with this lady and her brother. They were so cute and
so amazing. We found out that they use to go to Sunday school when
they were growing up. The sister, "Kei" she is so cute. She loved
learning about Jesus Christ while growing up. And when we started
talking about Jesus Christ, the look in her eyes like like a this is
what I have been missing look. This week they weren't able to come to
church because they had something already planned on Sunday but I
think that next week they will be at church. This week we were also
lucky enough to have several really good lessons with Sonpon and her
family. I love the a Matsuhashi family so much. And I know that they
are the reason why I am here in Urawa. I can't wait until I get to be
there standing at their baptism and being able to share that memorable
event with them. Sonpon doesn't have a baptismal date yet, but she is
ever so close to have a specific date. She has told us that baptism is
something  That she wants and she is going to pray and study so that
she can know whether or not it is right for her. Every time we teach
her I am blown away by her diligence and her love for these things.
Sonpon is the most amazing investigator I have ever had. She is so
serious and wants to know the truth so badly. It truly is amazing.
This week we had an amazing experience with her, at least I thought it
was good. In Japan I have noticed that then you are teaching someone
that isn't Japanese and you go out in public with them and you see
some of their friends they sometimes beat around the bush that you are
missionaries from a Christian church. But Sonpon didn't, she was
straight up honest with them and everything. I was actually kind of
surprised. It made me so happy and I really showed me how much Sonpon
truly does love us and how much this church and Jesus Christ thing
truly does mean to here.
I love being a missionary. Sister combs is the Bomb. She cut my hair
today so that was kind of her. My hair needs to be cut so bad but it
will Just have to wait tell I get home in America, where I can speak
English to the hair cutter people. Ha
We ate dinner at the bishops house the other night and it was way fun!
Anyways I hope that things are going great! I miss YA but have a great day!!
Sister Brown


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