Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Friday, December 26, 2014

Almost Christmas

Mom and Dad
Hey!! Well I am pumped to talk with YA!! Yeahhhhhh
Anyways I will send another email with those details in it for you later.
So now it's just Sister Combs and I, here in Urawa. At first it was
kind of weird like being in the apartment and such but now it's good
and fun. But we have seriously been so busy this past week!! We have
all of the sisters investigators plus ours now. And the sad thing is,
transfers and everything happened so fast this week we hardly had time
to figure things out with the sisters and get the down low on their
investigators. So that kind of was dumb. This week we hit almost every
single one of our weekly goals and the mission standards of
excellence. So that rocked! I know they if sister combs and I continue
to to stay focused and diligent and obedient we will be able to see
many more miracles unfold this week.
I can't believe that it is Christmas week. I love being a missionary
at this time of the year. Like I have said before though. It's hard to
realize that christmas is on Thursday just because christmas is hardly
celebrated here in Japan.. But it's all good. I love being here. I
love being with my family at Christmas but this year Christmas is
different. Last year my first mission Christmas was great, but I know
for a fact that this year is going and is already better.
On Saturday night we had our ward Christmas party and it was a huge
hit. So many of our investigators and friends came. It was so lucky!!
But I just have to talk about her again. Sonpon. Mom I wish you could
meet her. She is truly so amazing. She told me that this year
Christmas is the best Christmas she has ever had. She told me she is
so lucky because god is blessing her with so many blessings and Santa
has given her lots of presents. Sonpon literally has changed my life.
She told me, "I use to be shy and nervous when you and sister combs
would tell me that you love me, but now I am not, because I can feel
your love and I love you two." I can't truly explain how grateful I am
for her in my life. Words won't do it justice. I know that the reason
I am here right now is so I can help her!
I am glad to hear that the utes are doing great! That's fun that they
won their football game. What a way to end the season. And who would
have thought utah basketball would be doing so good this year. That
makes me happy! Haha
Sorry this is so short and sweet!
I love ya lots and I am super excited to talk with you on Thursday!
Love ya lots!!
sister brown

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