Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Amazing week 11/22/2014

Mom and Dad
How are you doing?!
This week has been so amazing.
I have seen so many miracles happen this week.
This week was a week full of hard work and fun. Sister Combs and I
were blessed with many amazing lessons.
For starters things are going kind of hard with Ma. We talked with her
the other day and she mentioned how she became very busy and probably
won't be able to meet until December, which doesn't seem far but when
you are trying for baptism it is such a long time away. But despite
that happening this week hasn't slowed down at all. Sonpon, my
favorite person ever has been amazing. We see her about 4 times a
week. She has the cutest daughter, hinako. I love them with my whole
heart. This week Sonpon really changed, and I am so excited for her.
We had some really special lessons with her this past week. She is
seriously being prepared right In front of our eyes. She loves feeling
the spirit. She knows that church is great and she knows that it is
important. She has being think about a lot of things lately and has
been so curious as to why Jesus Christ is so important and she is
finally realizing why. It is so amazing seeing the change that is
happening to her. I have so much faith in her. I know that she is
going to receive that witness that God is real and God loves her and
Jesus Christ is here to save all of us. This Christmas season is
bringing in so many miracles. It's actually mind blowing.
Happy thanksgiving by the way!!
I can't believe that thanksgiving is here. I wish I could go Black
Friday shopping.
But I am a missionary and I live in Japan. Today we are having a zone
activity. Everyone is coming and we are all making food and having
thanksgiving feast. So hopefully it will be good! It should be fun. But
let be honest it won't touch real American home cooked thanksgiving.
Sister combs and I are planning on going to a steak house for
thanksgiving haha.
So sister combs is from Washington. We are the same age and she goes
to BYU Idaho. She is the bomb. I love being her companion. We are the
same age mission wise. But she is going to go home a transfer early
because of school. So in Tokyo you see tons of American people. But
there are more that I see here. When we went to sky tree the other day
we ran into this guy. He came up and asked me what mission I was in.
He said that his niece is in the Sendai mission. So yeah it happens.
Either the people we see don't like Mormons or they are like on
vacation or something. But I don't even care. I like seeing other
white people haha. I have never seen military people. Yeah I don't
know if I will ever see them. I love serving in Japan. Tokyo area is
like such a huge melting pot and there are just people from all over
the world here!!
It sounds like there are lots and lots of things happening there at
home. I am happy for you. I am sorry the utes lost. That is dumb. But
oh well.. Haha such a missionary comment..
I am sorry to hear about Megan coordey and Gayles brother. That is way
hard. I am so grateful for this gospel. It means the world to me!
Lately I have been so blessed with amazing weather. The sun has been
shinning and so beautiful and the leaves are looking amazing but today
it is really cold... So I think the bad weather is coming.. But I mean
it is practically December so no complaining!!
I miss ya all! I hope you have good thanks giving! Love ya lots!!
Sister Brown

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